Matthew Northridge

Select Work (2003 - 2022)

New City


paper/found material on masonite (3,000+ pieces)

8' x 8' x 5"

Matthew Northridge’s version of urban sprawl, “New City”, is rendered sculpturally, reminiscent of an architectural model. Using more than three thousand individual pieces of variously sized rectangular forms cut out of Masonite and meticulously covered with imagery found in available printed materials, the elements are placed side by side and stacked onto a large, square platform, providing a glimpse into a fantastical, Lilliputian city which one imagines could go on forever. Northridge’s city is playful in its toy-like configuration yet relentless in its territorializing impulse. Only two feet high, the viewer hovers over it with a pronounced aerial view. “New City” leaves no room for expanses of horizontal landscape or even the smallest reminder of the so-called natural. Rather, all available space is gobbled up by vertical growth- a dense conglomeration of buildings, each one individualized yet so modulated as to become interchangeable.

- Anne Ellegood, Out of Site: Fictional Architectural Spaces

Alternate Views