Beginning with a single formative memory and expanding through the rigors of craft and repetition, each piece ends as it was begun—- a meditation on a single moment as it is imperfectly remembered. I start with simple materials (wood, metal, plastic, paper, found objects) and common signifiers (photographs, maps, schematics and other artifacts of memory and travel), in the process creating a framework. At the core of each structure is a spare display of information, often alluding to the perceived utility of that which is otherwise obscured, hidden, or inaccessible. Like a closed book or a folded map, each piece is at once a static object, but with the implied promise of function. Aspects of architecture, geography, and landscape are referenced throughout and offer both a personal and shared terrain.

Charting the Known Universe from Memory
No More Holidays
Red Balloon
Nineteen Eighty-Six (Fifty Rafts)
Days After the New Tomorrow
Here It Is (Right Where You Left It)
Player Manager
The Hollow Moon Reveals Itself
Annuit Coeptis
Cause and the Remedy
Better Homes for the Aged
Atlantic Pacific
Labor Day
Rio Grande
The Northeast
Build Your Vocabulary
An Astonishing New Collection of Oddities from Every Corner of the Globe
Pictures by Wire and Wireless
Twelve Ladders, or, How I Planned My Escape
Maps of Landlocked States
Location and Description
Map of Washington D.C.
Reading, Writing, Math
Map of Antarctica
Barns and Other Outbuildings
A Pyramid Unfinished
Memorial to the Great Western Expo
Who’s Watching the Time and Who Will Know When to Quit?
Map of England
Alone on a Wide, Wide Sea
Toward a New Form Order
How to Know (and Predict) the Weather
Space, Like the White Wall
Pushpin Laserbeam
New City