Matthew Northridge

The World We Live In, No.247

The World We Live In, No.247

“Matthew Northridge’s work – a sundry assortment of sculptures, architectural interventions, models, altered maps, and collages – combines the intellectual discipline and refined aesthetic of the minimalist/conceptualist with the oddball charm of the tinkerer/scrapbooker. His work is about big spaces and big ideas writ small.”
- Adam Thompson, Art Papers

“By collapsing such vast dimensions into small, unobtrusive objects, Northridge seems to channel Jonathan Swift, sending the viewer traveling through his work like Gulliver.”
- Matthew Nichols, Art in America

“Northridge is a consummate collector, a discerning iconographer, an inveterate classifier, and a gifted topographer, who constructs a metaphysical landscape that is at once fantastical and yet rooted in reality.”
- Marshall Price, Matthew Northridge’s (Im)possible Journey

“Northridge challenges us to recognize modes and moments of coherence amid the fractured distractions of the modern world.”
- Noah Chasin, Time out New York